Curious – whether it is to do with our clients, ourselves, or the fundamentals of human behaviour, we believe that adopting an attitude of curiosity is crucial to creating successful outcomes. We never assume we know what is going on and like to ‘discover’ before we intervene. We know that what we do is about understanding, working with, and enhancing human behaviour, which can only be done through constant exploration, questioning and learning.  

Valuing People – MCW is a people-centric behavioural and cultural change management consultancy and as such people are at the centre of what we do. We develop and respect people, whether they are our associates or our clients. For our associates, we promote a culture that encourages effective communication and engagement, provide training and development opportunities for our protégés and support flexible working practices that enable staff to effectively balance their personal and working lives. For our clients, we ensure effective and professional client management, with honesty and openness as essential ingredients for a mutual and purposeful relationship. People are our business; people are what we do best!

Effective – we are in the business of making change work. So as we mentioned, we are fascinated, passionate and curious about human behaviour, but unless we can actually achieve positive results and make change happen we haven’t done our job – the evidence is in the outcomes. This means, to us, it doesn’t matter if the solution is simple or complex, long or short, cheap or expensive, how many people end up liking us, how many awards we win, or how much recognition we get – what does matter is being effective and producing results. 

Innovative – a result of our curiosity! We can’t help but come up with new or better ways to do something. We find that in our line of work, rarely are two situations exactly the same, so we constantly drive ourselves to think smart and come up with quicker or more effective ways to do something. This doesn’t mean we are constantly reinventing the wheel, as sometimes our new ideas are minor improvements, but sometimes they are substantial ground breaking ideas!

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