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As well as delivering organisations with practical, effective behaviour change solutions, we believe it is very important to ensure we continually stimulate and challenge our own thinking. For this reason we ensure we devote time contemplating relevant thought leadership topics and discovering insightful and challenging points of view.  
So if you do have any relevant insights or ideas to share with us on the topic of organisation behaviour change please let us know. Also see our LinkedIn discussions (please email us to be invited).  
Piers Thurston regularly speaks at conferences and events on Quality of Mind. Next events are:

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Leadership Challenges Post the Great Recession Dr Robert Davies gave us an fascinating insight into the various leadership scenarios that could occur as result of this recession. One thing is going to be certain – whichever scenario we do end up with – they all will require leaders change! To learn more download the pdf transcript of Robert’s presentation >> 

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‘Sustainability – The New Normal’ 
Neela Bettridge from Article 13 gave us a very enlightening talk about the significance and relevance of sustainability and its growing relevance for every organisation . To learn more, download a pdf of Neela’s presentation > 

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One or Many? How realistic is for a global company to build a single ‘corporate culture’? – A presentation by Cathy Glass, associate of MCW and partner at Axialent. 

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How to generate energy for change: direction, meaning and ownership.- A presentation by Ian Crawford, core associate of MCW and owner of LASER. Download the pdf of Ian’spresentation >> 

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Changing the paradigm – Employee designed and owned culture change that is shaping organisational strategy and business strategySpeaker: Mark Ellis, CA Technologies (Computer Associates) – Head of Global Culture Change Programme  

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Releasing Real Organisational Horsepower- Are We Getting in the Way of Ourselves? Speaker: Piers Thurston, Director and Co-Founder Making Change Work Ltd. Download the pdf of Piers’ presentation >> 

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The Great Game of Global Roulette 
Ahead of his new book being launched in September, Dr Robert Davies gave us a further insight into the various leadership scenarios that could occur as result of recent transformations in the world economics and politics.To learn more download the pdf of Robert’s presentation >> 

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Special MCW Event from Dr Aaron Turner. Releasing the Real Organisational Horsepower-Part 2. To learn more download the audio of Aaron’s presentation >> 
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Patterns of 4 – From Metaphor to Meaning - Metaphoric patterns of 4 as a key to enhance the understanding of group dynamics. Presentation from Lilian Beattie. Download the slides of the talk (pdf) >>

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Axiology Assessments - an insightful way to understand why people do what they do – the study of value. Andrea Burns from Catapult Solutions. Download some more info (pdfs) >> 

Associate Evening Presentation: Forensic Psychologist Dr Angela Smith talks about the ‘Corporate Psychopath’ sharing her insight and research, and will introduce us to her new assessment tool for identifying psychopaths in the boardroom.

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