Quality of Mind – What People Say

​” Genuinely terrific!  I’m spending more of my time as the best and most resourceful version of myself which makes everything less effort and more effective. I m finding I  have more purpose and impact, and I am simply happier as well. I can clearly see how this enables an organisation like ours to get a competitive advantage in an over supplied market;  you’ll  get more out of your talent, and they will benefit personally as well. “
MD, Global Advertising Network

“This is a fundamental mind shift in the way you see the world. It sounds like hocus pocus, but when it dawns on you, it makes a massive difference to life and career.”

COO, Energy Sector

“In 40 years of management training I’ve never come across anything like this, it’s really different and it can make a huge impact.”

Operations Director, Kerry Foods

“A true revelation.  Everyone in the team got something truly major. I can not tell you how excellent/transformational/ valuable the entire session was ”
MD Advertising Agency

“The most amazing personal and professional development ‘course’ I have ever experienced.  A sliding doors moment in life where the track has changed”  

Senior Strategy Director. Consumer Agency


“Thanks so much. This Retreat was fascinating, truly transformational. I loved uncovering something so profound, yet so obvious.”

CEO, Retail Sector

“I can only describe my experience  as transformational. I hadn’t experienced such a sense of well-being in a long time! The principles introduced are so simple yet so powerful that it’s hard to believe one hadn’t realised them before. And the great bonus is, because it’s a way of understanding life as opposed to tricks or techniques to do better, I didn’t experience the relapses I had after finishing a program in traditional coaching. I can’t describe it in words, one has to experience it to understand!”  

European COO, SAE Institute 

After working in HR in FMCG for the last 28 years, I had a real ‘Wow!’ moment during an event with one of our  leadership teams.   I’ve been working with this leadership team for about the last 6 months and decided to try something very different.  So we attended a 3 day Quality of Mind programme, It introduced us to some powerful, but inherently simple, principles that have left us feeling curious to learn and understand more but also confident that, if we maintain this different level of connection we can bring some really creative thinking to our business.  It’s fair to say that we started the 3 days with a healthy dose of cynicism and challenge but left feeling very, very positive.   I see the 3 days as a significant step in the right direction to think very differently about how we really can deliver change and performance. 

HR Director, Kerry Foods 

This is bigger than just another ‘course’ or ‘corporate’ event, it has a much higher purpose.  I genuinely felt that I could use this in all areas of my life and it would not only have a positive impact on me, but also on those around me.

I can honestly tell you the difference in the team after 1 month is quite unbelievable.

Trust, honesty, common language, fun, harmony, ideas flying everywhere. You can feel the energy across everyone.

I keep expecting it to end, luckily I know it will only grow.  Thank you so much.

Brand & Innovation Director. Major Food Retailer

I have really taken so much from the retreat and it has made an immense difference – so thank you, I couldn’t have anticipated the benefit.

CEO, Property Development Business

“This has introduced me to the first set of principles that I have heard of that provide reliable, high-integrity understanding of how human experience works. It would be an understatement to say that this has had a profound effect not only on my effectiveness but also on how much I enjoy my work and my life in general.  The whole process has been simple and effortless based nature of the principles means that progress is generated by my own curiosity and there is no tedious ongoing  maintenance required”

Chief Engineer, Manufacturing Sector

When we have high “quality of mind”, is when when “the f*cker” in our head quietens down, we have new ideas, when we see clearly and are far more open to possibility. We are far less wound up or tense and are just performing. We are in Flow. We can all recognise that state I think:  we are just much more creative, articulate and on it.  It has had a huge impact on my quality of life and my performance at work.

CEO &  Entrepeneur,  Tech Sector

I personally found the 3 days very powerful and came out of it with a totally different perspective.  Maybe a realisation as you would say.  I genuinely feel as though my mind/body has been introduced to something new and is trying to adjust!

Managing Director, Retail Services Company

“Mind blowing!  F*ck really, how did I not see that….”

Client Service Director, Communication Agency

This understanding has brought a clarity of thought that I’ve never had before, helpful in my home life as well as my work life. I don’t see problems as problems like I used to, actually there are no problems.

Parts Department Manager. Commercial Vehicle Dealer Group

“It might sound a bit strange at first, but it will significantly and positively change how you view the entire world. Because of this change you’ll then understand how to better engage with this new world and the people in it. It’s not like going to school – more like having brain surgery but without any pain”

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Our Next Open Programme for Business Leaders

A unique & transformational 3-day Open Programme for Leaders in Business,

1st May to 3rd May 

Facilitated by Piers Thurston

What is this all about?

The ‘mind’ is at the heart of everything. It creates not just our feelings and beliefs, but actually the total experience of life and of all physical matter in the world (including us!). In organisations, the quality of our mind’s aperture is the foundational factor that impacts in every moment our productivity, our creativity, our confidence & our connection with others, not to mention our well-being. More about Quality of Mind

It’s long been acknowledged that developing the mind is vital to achieving our true potential. And although that untapped potential is available in business, most do very little to learn how to maximise that potential, or if they do it, it is based on innocent misunderstandings of how to access it.

We’ll teach you the Principles of the human mind; the operating Principles for how the mind works. The Principles aren’t complicated, but having never been taught them, it’s likely you’re not accessing the full power available.

This understanding spontaneously transforms how you see the world, and as a result your thinking. We know we’re making a bold claim here, just have a look at what others have said.

Would you like to:

  • Achieve greater success and with more enjoyment?
  • Increase your resilience and peace of mind?
  • Be able to develop your organisation to be ‘in flow’ as a natural state of mind?
  • Learn more about the human mind?

This 3-day immersive experience…

is designed to transform via realisation, how you see the role of the mind, and to cause breakthroughs in all areas of life & work. We’ll provide you a new understanding of how the mind actually operate. As your understanding deepens, you will experience insights of how to work with more flow, resourcefulness and clarity.

You’ll develop a new awareness. You will see how mind, thought and consciousness works, where feelings comes from, and the in the moment power of the awareness of Quality of Mind. You will learn how to access your deeper resourcefulness and wisdom more often. Most importantly you’ll see something that will serve you for the rest of your days, whether that is as business leader, or at home.

The fee is…

£1,995 +VAT

We include an initial intake conversation, 3-day immersion including lunch, materials used & a follow-up conversation after four weeks.

The logistics are…

This Retreat will be limited to a small group of executives who will attend from a range of different organisations. There will be a high facilitator-to-participant ratio, ensuring each participant gets exactly what he or she needs from the Retreat. The experience will be extremely high quality and personal.


Piers and Rena answering some common questions about this programme –  10mins audio

Is this really new? How is this different to other similar sounding programs? – 2min audio