Dealing with constant change and challenging targets is a way of life in most businesses. You may not be getting the results you need from change. You may have tough choices to make and want to manage this differently and with greater confidence. MCW can help you address four familiar challenges.

 1. Initiatives whose benefits are unclear, too limited, or too late

  • We can can help you recover and transform unclear or under performing projects and programmes.
  • The programme scope, benefits and delivery plans need to be re-clarified and the differences demonstrated. Decision makers and stakeholders must believe in and support the updated benefit-led programme.

2. New initiatives need to meet challenging targets

  • We can enable you design and plan initiatives so they deliver expected benefits
  • You require initiatives that meet targets efficiently and effectively. You also need agreement on what success will look like and on the plans necessary to achieve this success. Stakeholders should understand the impact of different scenarios (benefits, costs, resources, scope, time, etc.) to inform decisions. Information on benefit realisation should flow seamlessly into delivery.

We work in partnership with Wovex, the leading provider of benefit realisation services and solutions.

3. Tough choices need to be made on what change to pursue when choices are unclear

  • We can support you make tough portfolio and selection decisions in robust and clear ways.
  • Business cases and information must be clear, consistent and benefit-led. The selection and rejection of programmes have implications, so quick insights are imperative. Costs are tight, so you need to identify the choices that will allow you to hit your targets without breaking your budget.

 4. Benefit realisation ways of working need to be implemented

  • MCW can work with you to transform processes and practices and to build the skills and capabilities necessary for success.
  • You require changes that will deliver performance and maturity improvements long after our involvement ends. We are experts in benefit realisation and we can help you implement lasting change better, faster and cheaper.