Providing Change Capability for benefits realisation

realise_smlprovides change management expertise and capability.  We enable change to be done by the organisation not to it. Increasing the effectiveness, speed and sustainability of change.
The added value comes from HOW we go about enabling change
Result: Enduring business benefits.


Change Mentoring

Stakeholder Engagement


The purpose of PRECISION is to reduce the uncertainty, time and risk in finding your resource.

As part of our programme delivery model, MCW has been using ex-military professionals to successfully drive our client programme for years. Our PRECISION  talent practice now enables organisations to hire these experts on a temporary, contract or permanent basis. 

Getting it ‘wrong’ can create significant impact on your ability to realise your objectives, the effectiveness and morale of the  team, not mention your time and headache!

PRECISION through its unique source of talent, matching process and assessment reduce those risks.