A consultancy that delivers business benefit by unlocking personal and operational performance. We create tangible results for your bottom line.   We operate from 2  practice areas, INSIGHT,  & REALISE, integrating expertise in personal transformation and change delivery to increase the resourcefulness, resilience, and productivity of your people and organisatio

MCW INSIGHT unlocks the hidden human horsepower.  We increase personal resourcefulness creativity, resilience,  and ability to connect with others, improving individual and collective productivity to deliver real business benefits

MCW REALISE  provides change management expertise and capability producing enduring business benefits. We enable change to be done by the organisation not to it. Increasing the effectiveness, speed and sustainability of the benefits

Our brand footprint  and our services are unique not because of WHAT they are, but of HOW we approach them


  1. Shortening and flattening the change curve. People become more discouragement-proof; challenges, and obstacles become platforms for learning, and progress. 
  2. Resistance changes into possibility – people get new, wider perspectives. Accessing innovative thinking and possibility. 
  3. Resilience - Inefficiencies and external ‘stressors’ have significantly reduced impact.
  4. ‘Emergent’ dialogue & connection. Communication between, and within, the organisation shifts from self-serving, transactional and circular, to emergent, meaningful, and strategic (organisationally purposeful). 
  5. Pervasive changeThe footprint of our work is wider than the initial context or issue that we were bought into solve. 


MCW helps organisations realise attitude and behaviour change by enabling people to have high quality thinking and dialogue, producing an increase in each individual’s creativity, resilience, and productivity and ability to create understanding, meaning and connection with others.

Facilitating High Quality Emergent Dialogue

A core expertise of MCW is facilitating people’s thinking. We understand how to enable people to access higher Quality of Mind so that they can produce new levels of emergent thinking, connection and meaning.  

Aligning Strategy, Culture & Leadership


Stakeholder Visioning and Alignment