So what is ‘Quality of Mind’

  • It is the key determinant to our behaviour, and therefore our performance and productivity.  Once understood, it is also leverageable as a significant business asset
  • ‘Quality of Mind’ turns up in everything we do, it is the gateway through which we access the power and potential of our resourcefulness (known and unknown)
  • It is the level of consciousness that are we able to see the world in any moment.
  • Transformative benefit comes when we understand and realise (non intellectually) how our Quality of Mind functions and what creates it in any moment. 
  • Due to the invisible nature of Quality of Mind, often it is seen as ‘that’s just how things are’ and so there is a general apathy and acceptance to people’s low Quality of Mind getting in the way of personal and organisational performance. It is almost seen as one of the costs of being in business e.g. there will be internal conflict, people will be stressed, some staff will have low levels of engagement, and that change will be slow and difficult etc….. But it does not have to be like that – not if people really understand where their Quality of Mind comes from and how it works.
  • Through having a fresh understanding of the principles behind Quality of Mind, we can see past the misunderstanding around the common perception of how our experience is created by our environment, other people, and our backgrounds

Don’t want to read all that – 2 min audio ‘nutshell’

What are the benefits of understanding Quality of Mind?

What are the benefits of understanding Quality of Mind : 
  • People get higher levels of personal connection, meaning and engagement with their peers and their work 
  • They significantly reduce their tendency to stress and conflict
  • They access higher level of resourcefulness – creativity, resilience, and capability
  • They self perpetuate change
  • They are more resilient and discouragement proof
  • They are generally happy in what they do at work and at home

How is this different to mood, state or mind-set or other similar sounding things?

Well of course it depends how you define those words but, to generalise, Quality of Mind is the predetermining factor to your mood or state. 
Mood is usually more visible and apparent in that you often know when you are in a good or bad mood, whereas Quality of Mind is deeper and less visible than mood, and in that moment you may not realise your perspective is distorted i.e. you believe it is true and right (although in some occasions hindsight you might see it differently!). Commonly we find:
  • When people are in an ‘okay’ state, they often stop looking for a higher one, because they just don’t think there is one available. With an understanding QoM you realise it is infinite.  
  • Many people rarely experience the higher levels of the Quality of Mind and they normalise it as so.
  • People might have ‘one off’ higher levels of flow or consciousness and think it a fluke or environment dependent.
  • Much of our ‘low’ or even ‘medium’ quality of mind is normalised and we don’t see the opportunity cost to our effecttiveness or wellbeing

What is the difference between Quality of Mind and Mindset?

Your state of mind in the moment and your ‘mindset’ are the result of your Quality of Mind . To help make a distinction, mindset tends to be more invisible to people than state of mind.Mindset is is our normalised view of something, where our thinking narratives have got ‘set’ and we have invisibly justified that perspective to ourselves (and therefore it is what we experience int he world).    So for example, it might be described that we have a particular mindset about a past or future event – our belief system and values in a particular context. The extent to which we have an open and ‘mind neutral’ relationship to this mindset is a symptom of our understanding of Quality of Mind.

Is there really anything you can do about this ‘invisible’ factor - surely it is embedded in our personality or determined by the external circumstances?

This is the key part of the realisation, we enable people to see. 
Once people understand more about the true nature of what actually creates our experiences and Quality of Mind it becomes much easier and effortless to work with it, and not have to work around it. As people are able to realise that it is…. 
a)  not determined by external factors – there might be what looks like a a correlation, but it is not cause and effect; and 
b) whereas people can have habitual ways of thinking (our personalities) nothing is fixed or real. We have absolute freedom once we are in the higher levels of Quality of Mind. We see possibilities and access resourcefulness effortlessly. 

How do you get a realisation about Quality of Mind - Why can’t this be made into some easy to follow techniques and how-to guides?

The intervention here that creates the shift – is personal insight, enabling someone to have deep realisation about the nature of the human experience.  
Unfortunately the more you make this into a ‘do’ (or even a ‘be’ that you have to become) with proscriptive strategies or techniques, the less effective it is. This is because of the following
  • There is a huge benefit in realising that much of human experience is ‘non intellectual’. i.e. we have a human and spiritual nature.  We are usually very good at revving up the psychological side of us, less good going the other way.
  • Trying to intellectually get this or do it, points people away from the truth behind what creates their Quality of Mind.
  • As once you see the truth behind it you realise there isn’t anything to ‘do’, the system very nicely takes care of its self. Our resourcefulness is formless in nature – so creating additional layers of personal thinking tends to get in the way.  
  • People tend to stop looking deeper to find even higher levels of consciousness 
  • It starts looking like everything else, that they don’t do either. 
  • So if someone is asking ‘so what do I need to do about this?’ they have not really understood the principles behind it. (Just as you don’t need to ask ‘what do I need to do make gravity work?)
There is no ‘do’ in this understanding. 

What is this approach based on?

The approach is based on the field of understanding known as ‘The 3 Principles’  Three psycho-spiritual principles that explain the fundamentals of how we actually experience our world in an inside-out way, and illustrates that most of society has misunderstood this, and have have created an illusory effect of the exact opposite – that the world is outside in. 
Once we see and realise (non intellectually) that a)  the world only works one way  – inside out,  and b)  we have an inbuilt capacity for resourcefulness and well-being. We experience a shift in our relationship to our experience and how we go about being successfully and resourceful. The more ‘deeply’ we  see a) and b) the more benefit we spontaneously experience
Read more about the 3 Principles and their applications and development

A little more....

Quality of Mind is our moment to moment clarity of mind. We will all feel it in our bodies in any moment and see it as perception. It is always pointing us to the level of potential we are access in that moment. So anyone’s  experience and capability  in any moment is determined by our Quality of Mind, not the other way round.  Enabling people to have a fresh understanding of Quality of Mind is focusing on leveraging something that already exists for everyone (your staff, customers, stakeholders etc)  and is already affecting results. However because it is largely  invisible and misunderstood – its influence is unrecognised  cannot be dealt with or influenced effectively.  See this short presentation What is Quality of Mind?

What To Know More?

We work with Quality of Mind in 3 areas: 

  • To enhance the speed and benefits realisation of Organisational Change Programmes
  • To develop Leaders to a new level of potential
  • To enable organisations to create extra ordinary results from seeminly intractable problems  more >>

Watch a video about Quality of Mind in the workplace for Change.

Read our presentation on  What is Quality of Mind (pdf) that explains the relevance, power and how we work with Quality of Mind

Read more about the 3 Principles and their applications and development.





What People Say….

​” Genuinely terrific!  I’m spending more of my time as the best and most resourceful version of myself which makes everything less effort and more effective. I m finding I  have more purpose and impact, and I am simply happier as well. I can clearly see how this enables an organisation like ours to get a competitive advantage in an over supplied market;  you’ll  get more out of your talent, and they will benefit personally as well. “
MD, Global Advertising Network

This is a fundamental mind shift in the way you see the world. It sounds like hocus pocus, but when it dawns on you, it makes a massive difference to life and career.”

COO, Energy Sector

“Thanks so much. This Retreat was fascinating, truly transformational. I loved uncovering something so profound, yet so obvious.”

CEO, Retail Sector

“I can only describe my experience  as transformational. I hadn’t experienced such a sense of well-being in a long time! The principles introduced are so simple yet so powerful that it’s hard to believe one hadn’t realised them before. And the great bonus is, because it’s a way of understanding life as opposed to tricks or techniques to do better, I didn’t experience the relapses I had after finishing a program in traditional coaching. I can’t describe it in words, one has to experience it to understand!”  European COO, SAE Institute 

“This has introduced me to the first set of principles that I have heard of that provide reliable, high-integrity understanding of how human experience works. It would be an understatement to say that this has had a profound effect not only on my effectiveness but also on how much I enjoy my work and my life in general.  The whole process has been simple and effortless based nature of the principles means that progress is generated by my own curiosity and there is no tedious ongoing  maintenance required”

After working in HR in FMCG for the last 28 years, I had a real ‘Wow!’ moment during an event with one of our  leadership teams.   I’ve been working with this leadership team for about the last 6 months and decided to try something very different.  So we attended a 3 day Quality of Mind programme, It introduced us to some powerful, but inherently simple, principles that have left us feeling curious to learn and understand more but also confident that, if we maintain this different level of connection we can bring some really creative thinking to our business.  It’s fair to say that we started the 3 days with a healthy dose of cynicism and challenge but left feeling very, very positive.   I see the 3 days as a significant step in the right direction to think very differently about how we really can deliver change and performance. 

HR Director, Kerry Foods 

In 40 years of management training I’ve never come across anything like this, it’s really different and it can make a huge impact.”

Operations Director, Kerry Foods