Our philosophy to attitude and behaviour change – implicitly or explicitly applied  is:

A)  All change comes from people. We have found that effective change can be achieved with what we call “front of the eyes” change but much more effective long lasting change needs “behind the eyes” change. 
  • Front of the eyes change - typically creates new or amended systems, processes, organisational design, and new product offerings etc. for people to behave differently in.
  • Behind the eyes change – creates new mindsets and perspectives, creativity, resilience, better human connections and personal motivations.

B)   That someone’s QUALITY OF MIND   is the key determinant to create new mindsets and perspectives, and therefore openness to change and productivity. Quality of Mind is the quality of an individual’s thinking and mindset and therefore resourcefulness  in any moment.  

C) To enable behind the eye change, we facilitate higher levels of Quality of Mind either

new paradigm for results

Quality of Mind - New Variable

Does it work?