Increasing the effectiveness of  your key meetings and workshops, is crucial not only because of the  large opportunity cost of the having senior people in a room  but also to the long term success of the organisation 

Once an organisation understands the value of ‘emergent dialogue’ arising from a high Quality of Mind,  the productivity, potential and even well-being of that organisation improves

  • The change programmes we run are based on emergent facilitation.
  • We also do adhoc pure facilitation – where we just facilitate your meeting or workshop for you. A great introduction to the benefits
Emergent Dialogue

Why is good independent facilitation so important?

  • Without facilitators you are trying to do two things at once – contributing to the content of the meeting and running the meeting. MCW facilitators can be objective and not lead or bias the outcome.
  • MCW facilitators have lots of experience in workshop and meeting design, often it is the structure of the workshop that is most important, especially where ideation and creativity are concerned.
  • MCW facilitators are experienced and expert in group dynamics and therefore can maximise everyone’s involvement, minimize conflict and increase meeting effectiveness. 
  • MCW facilitators understand how to create a collective ‘high quality of mind’ and the best way to unlock emergent thinking connection and meaning. See diagram> 
  • Read more about our facilitation techniques.
There are various types of, and purposes for, facilitation. See PDF for more explanation.

Great facilitation is little bit like travelling business class – once you realize how much difference it can make, you realize the value and don’t want to go back …