Our Clients

Some of our clients – a selection of public and private sector. 

Some of our Public and Third Sector Clients

  • Chester & West Cheshire Council 
  • London Borough of Camden 
  • London Borough of Croydon 
  • Surrey County Council
  • Essex County Council 
  • Thurrock Council 
  • HMRC
  • Transport for London 
  • East England Development Agency 
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission 
  • National Skills Academy Social Care 
  • Vivo – Social Care
  • Royal Society of Arts 
  • Notting Hill House Trust 
  • Bat Conservation Trust 
  • NHS England
  • Royal Free Foundation Trust
  • NHS Mental Health Research Centre

Some of our Private Sector Clients

  • Unilever 
  • ASDA 
  • Bacardi 
  • Tesco 
  • McCann-Erickson
  • Le Meridien 
  • Quadriga 
  • Anglepoise Lighting 
  • Scholastic  
  • Alfred McAlpine 
  • ROC Recruitment 
  • Davidson Morris 
  • ADR chambers 
  • Victory Services Club 
  • Watts of Lydney Group 


A few examples of the work we have done for our clients,  if you want to understand more about these examples and how they could apply to you please contact us.

Coaching Case studies

  • Creating a Coaching Culture for a London Borough of Camden Casestudy (pdf)
  • Coaching Skills for Managers for London Borough of Croydon  Casestudy  (pdf)
  • Executive Coaching for Chester & West Cheshire Council Casestudy (pdf)
  • Leadership development for a leading hotel chain Casestudy (pdf)
  • Identifying leaders of the future for National Skills Academy of Social Care Casestudy (pdf)

Stakeholder Alignment

  • Stakeholder Alignment for Transport for London Casestudy  (pdf)
  • Stakeholder alignment for Basildon Renaissance Partnership Casestudy (pdf)
  • Cross Sector Collaboration for  Supply Chain Innovation & Excellence Casestudy (pdf)

Innovation Case Studies:

  • Award winning business process transformation for the Independent Police Complaints Commission – casestudy-IPCC (pdf)
  • Internal innovation for the HMRC Casestudy (pdf)
  • Innovation for Social Care sector – Casestudy (pdf)