An Introductory Programme in the 3 Principles for Change Professionals

How do you get an introduction to the 3 Principles that gives you a suitable grounding to be able to realise the potential for yourself and even others?

Making Change Work, Dr Aaron Turner from The 3 Principles Professional Institute and Turner Gleason have developed an Introductory Course to the 3 Principles for people who work in the organisational change environment.  

What is this about?

There is an invisible yet powerful variable at work that we call Quality of Mind. Understanding the principles of what creates this allows individuals and organisations to address and leverage this variable. Bringing…

• Greater individual and team performance potential to the surface 
• Inspiration, effectiveness and overlooked levels of capability 
• Significant unexpected reduction in stress, higher levels of engagement and interpersonal rapport without extra effort 
• A renewed sense of meaning and connection at work 

Those experimenting with this approach have seen radical shifts in the nature and impact of their work in a whole range of fields including leadership, business performance, sales, innovation, resilience, mental health and personal development. Your understanding will enable you to bring these kinds of results to your clients. 

What is new and different about this?

  • The level and the pervasiveness of the change that this understanding brings. 
  • There are no techniques, models or ‘how to’ guides.
  • The importance of having personal realisation – as there is no process or system to this approach, its impact is based on the personal understanding of the practitioner. The more simply someone understands Quality of Mind, the more far reaching and impactful their work can be – by doing so you are addressing the underlying determinate of performance.

Unlocking the hidden human horsepower

MCW uses the understanding behind the 3 Principles to help organisations realise attitude and behaviour change by enabling people to create emergent high quality thinking and dialogue. Producing an increase in each individual’s creativity, resilience, productivity and ability to create understanding, meaning and connection with others. Read more about this approach.

Understand more about the workplace benefits of the 3 Principles:

An illustrative diagram of the new paradigm for unlocking human performance in the workplace